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Super2 Series: Tripple Eight’s cars excluded from Adelaide Street Circuit


Triple Eight’s entrances in the second-level Super2 Supercars arrangement were excluded from yesterday’s race due to a parc ferme rupture.

What is Parc Ferme in Racing?

According to Formula1.com,

Parc ferme is an enclosed and secure area in the paddock where the cars are weighed and any other checks deemed necessary by race officials are made.

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The Article 34.2 of The 2018 FIA Sports Regulation also says,

Each car will be deemed to be in parc ferme from the time at which it leaves the pit lane for the first time during qualifying practice until the start of the race.

More Info of The Sporting Regulations can be Found Here

Drivers Brenton Grove and Kurt Kostecki completed the race 10th and 13th Respectively, anyway they were later tossed out of the race by stewards for what was portrayed as a “break of parc ferme rules“.

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What Actually Happened in Super2 Series?

The cause was the use by the team of unapproved utilization of cooling fans in the brake channels before the race, a measure taken by the group as surrounding temperatures traveled north of 40 degrees celsius at the Adelaide circuit.

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In the Cause, the punishment was to leave yesterday’s first leg of the Adelaide 500, $3000 fine and also a lost of 30 Team Championship. Now they focus for the Matt Stone Racing, after Todd Hazelwood moved over a jack remain amid a stop.

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It was Kostecki’s second authorization of the end of the week, an episode with Tickford’s Thomas Randle in Race 1 abandoning him with a 35-point punishment.

Triple Eight got away punishment for its own pitlane hardware disappointment – a couple of fizzled controllers prompting and thrashing air hoses.

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Supercars Championship, What Todd Hazelwood has to Say?


The South Australian conceded that his appearance was a ‘dreamlike’ minute having adored the occasion as child experiencing childhood in Adelaide.

Todd Hazelwood portrayed a lady Armor All Top 10 Shootout lap at the Superloop Adelaide 500 which comes as a blessing from heaven.

Presently furnished with another Triple Eight constructed ZB Commodore, Hazelwood capitalized on his shootout lap to score his profession best Supercars qualifying consequence of eighth.

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Supercars Race 2 is scheduled to begin at 1520 local time/1550 AEDT.

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