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Akeem Mickens aka Tech9 Passed away this Monday at 32


Fight Rapper turned reporter and the way of his life’s adaptation of Stephen A. Smith, also Known as the Tech9 passed away this Monday, leaving the whole pop culture in Grievance. One of the designers of current fight rap, Akeem Mickens (32) popularly known as Tech 9  began his expert fight rap profession in as a battling whelp in the unbelievable alliances, Lionz Den and Street Arena.

Anyway, it was at the Ultimate Rap League (URL), where he turned into a staple in culture-moving the manner in which individuals tuned in to rhymes by displaying humour, shrewd pleasantry and the force in conveyance (like just a Philly emcee could spit).

While as an emcee he was paramount, it was his beautiful discourse on the hit Battle Rap stage, Champion (with Jay Blac), that displayed his identity and made him the most obvious in the way of life.

With his catchphrase “Microwave Stopper,” no-holds-bar evaluate of fights and battles, he was an unmatched soul and cherished identity and influencer. It does him no equity to confine his rising star to simply this stage in Hip-Hop media, he could have genuinely been as amazing as veteran social commentators and music lovers.
For example, Harry Allen, Selwyn Hinds or Allen “Dark Cat” Gordon.

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As an expert, he felt practically in charge of the substance he provided details regarding, keeping up a capacity to challenge rappers from a space of recognition and responsibility. He likewise was liberal training others about this work of art he so cherished.

He will be remembered fondly. He leaves to grieve his close family and kids, companions and a whole world full of fans with tears in their eyes.

He had been a standout amongst the most notable identities in fight rap, progressing over to analysis over the most recent couple of years. The fight rapper utilized diversion, inventive wit and more to make his rhymes stick, hitting with significant effect each time he jumped on the mic.

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