Market sinks of Apple due to Brexit Mess : rumored streaming service

Apple’s stocks rose last week as it is expected to launch its rumored streaming service during a press event on Monday.

They had already launched new gadgets like its next-generation wireless earbuds, as well as a refresh of its iMac line and new versions of the iPad Air and iPad mini.

Disney, AT&T’s and NBCUniversal is also going to launch its own streaming service this year.

US stock futures were pointing lower.

Asia’s stocks dropped sharply as a reaction to the disappointing manufacturing data from Germany on Friday. Japan’s Nikkie dropped 3%; Hong Kong’s Hang Seng closed down more than 2% and the benchmark of Chinese indexes was off 2%.

London’s FTSE 100, Frankfurt’s DAX and Paris’ CAC were all down around 0.5% Due to the Brexit mess, the pound is going to face another volatile week.

Theresa May is going to meet with the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn and deliver a statement to the House of Commons. The votes in the parliament will help to determine how the UK will proceed.

Naspers, the biggest investor in China’s Tencent, said it wants to list a new company in Amsterdam and also it will own 75% of the new company, which includes holdings in tech companies like Tencent, mail.ru and DeliveryHero.

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