Indian Air Force Inducts CH-47 Chinook Helicopters on Monday

The American twin-engine heavy-lift helicopter is inducted by Indian Air Force on Monday in Chandigarh Air Force Base. Salil Gupte, head of Boeing India passed the key to Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa. Air Officer Commanding in Chief, Air Marshall and other senior IAF staff where few of the many who attended the ceremony.

IAF chief said that they faced a lot of security challenges to transport machinery and deploy troops in varied topography and signing these helicopters could be a game changer for IAF.

The Vertol designed Chinook was signed by India in September 2015. The staggering 1.5 billion USD deal includes 15 Chinook helicopters code-named by CH-47F(I).

Four of the fifteen had arrived from the US at Gujarat’s Mundra Port last month and they later were transported to Chandigarh.

Later 11 tandem rotor helicopters are decided to be deployed at Dinjan airfield in Assam. The CH-47 is among the heaviest lifting Western helicopters.

IAF would utilize it to deploy troops at higher altitude, do transport related missions and aid for the military operations there. Apart from these, these choppers are expected to utilize for various rescue operations in difficult terrain.

The CH-47 can carry the cargo weighed up to 23 tons. India became the 19th country in the world to utilize this helicopter.

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