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David Tennant confirms Netflix Cancelling Jessica Jones Season 3

8 months ago

David Tennant has spoken out about Netflix’s Choice to cancel Jessica Jones Season 3. Tennant appeared as a villain Kilgrave about the series, returning at the conclusion of the series’s very first outing following his departure as a series of hallucinations in season two.

Tennant told the media, “I do not regard it as a cancellation so much as something with the life it ought to possess. Three seasons of this story is fantastic. Instead of considering it as a tool which has been canceled, I think about it as a tool which had three seasons which will dwell in the memory.” He confirmed he wouldn’t rule out the chance of appearing in the upcoming time as a hallucination or differently.

Netflix canceled the two Marvel’s Jessica Jones and The Punisher in a single fell swoop. “I like these people to the moon and back,” Krysten Ritter, who plays Jessica, posted on Instagram, alongside a picture of this show’s cast. “It’s been a dream to perform Jessica together with my incredible cast and the best team in the company for all these past five decades. I am thankful for every single second of it. We’ve got THE BEST lovers. You guys mean the world for me and that I value you .”

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