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Natasha Lyonne Teases Orange is the New Black Season 7 Release Date

8 months ago

Natasha Lyonne feels that spending seven years working on “Orange Is the New Black” was an experience. “I grew up there in several ways,” she said, as the series is getting near to wrapping up its final season.

When interviewed about how she felt about the series end, the actress’s first reaction was to discuss her castmates. “We are very tight. Not a single day passes by where I am not into FaceTiming, texting or touch, or even something with Uzo, Danielle, Taylor. I have spent a few of the vacations with them. We are a fairly tight tribe,” she explained.

It is a tribe who Lyonne, whose career goes back to 1986, continues to surround herself, as noticed by the casting of Dascha Polanco, as Lyonne knew her, “Dash” at the string “Russian Doll.” Lyonne created the series for Netflix with Leslye Headland and Amy Poehler, and Lyonne mentioned her experience working as with all the community.

Between the cast, creator Jenji Kohan, vice president of original content Cindy Holland, and Netflix in overall, Lyonne stated, working on”Orange” has been”a very healthy way for me to turn into the person I was likely to be, seven decades after. I could not have known that, but there was something about the series and being in that category of girls that was a supportive, healing environment.”

Lyonne could be sad to see it move, but feels just like its heritage will live on. “The scale of what occurred on this show so far as diversity and directing the dialogue around girls and the topics that Jenji is attempting to touch with all the injustice of this prison industrial complex, it is actually, I believe, a series that’s deep, meaningful roots which can continue to be felt.”

Even when “Orange Is the New Black” was her very first show as an adult show every day, she’d set a precedent for maintaining on-set relationships living, thanks to a few of her first characters, “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.” “I am still close with Paul Reubens,” she explained. “So hopefully we will all be stuck.”

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