Captain America could join Hydra in an alternate timeline, MCU Phase 4

Steve Rogers’ decision to go back in time to live the remainder of his life with Peggy Carter is something he deserves. But his happiness might cost the MCU some real deal. Time works in a ripple effect. If you alter the past in any way, there will be a shift in the future. So, his decision was everything but careful.

So what will this alteration cost Captain America? Is there any future for him in the upcoming Marvel movies? If yes, then how will the future pan out?

In Marvel Comic Secret Empire, Captain America was a Hydra sleeper agent, the consequence of Red Skull’s manipulations with a sentient Cosmic Cube named Kobik. He was a twisted version of himself in the Secret Empire and an integral part of HYDRA.

Captain America could join Hydra in an alternate timeline, MCU Phase 4
Photo Credit: Jesus Saiz and Joe Caramagna/Marvel Entertainment

Since the comics give us a villain-Captain America, maybe the MCU might go out on a limb and give us one too. A lot can happen in 70 years. Maybe the result of the Captain’s time travel to the past would actually give us some more Captain America and HYDRA action but this time as a team?

However, no real update has been shared on the status of Chris Evans contract with Marvel. This is just a theory and nothing can be said for sure yet. But as soon as we hear more, we will update you!

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