GTA 6 will be Time Exclusive with PS5, 2020 Release Date Confirmed

Initially, GTA 6 was rumored to release in 2019. However, much to our dismay GTA 6 will not release in 2019, confirmed. But there are reports and leaks suggesting that GTA 6 is going to release in November of next year in 2020.

GTA 6 is the most awaited upcoming next-gen gaming version of the Grand Theft Auto series. There are plenty of rumors and anticipation going around for this game.

GTA 6 will be Time Exclusive with PS5, 2020 Release Date Confirmed

Hopefully, GTA 6 will be available for PC just like its previous versions. We shouldn’t be expecting a trailer for the game too. There is no teaser trailer for the game on the internet as well. The company launched the trailer for GTA 5 just before the game launch. In case the game launches in 2020, we should expect the trailer in 2020 as well.

Now the leaks come from a variety of sources but all of them point to one thing and that is that the game is going to be times exclusive with PS5. We are expecting Sony to make an announcement about their next generation console this E3 along with the highly awaited The Last of US 2.

However many analysts are saying that Sony may be actually releasing their next-gen console this year. That is because PS5 is still in development and Sony may decide to launch their Console with GTA 6 as a timed exclusive package.

GTA 6 will be Time Exclusive with PS5, 2020 Release Date Confirmed

In the new GTA 6, the players will be able to travel among different cities. To start the game you will have to becomes a small drug dealer to join the gang.

No confirmed news about the map has been revealed yet. But it is rumored to be as big as the United States.

Although all of these are just rumors and deductions, Rockstar has been successful in keeping everything about the game as a mystery.

The confirmed news is that we are not going to be able to play GTA 6 in 2019.

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