Rick and Morty season 4 is going to be wild, Dan Harmon confirms

The mad-drunken scientist and his apprehensive grandson are coming back on the screen for another mind-boggling season and it became the most popular comedy in critics perspective and most watched series in Adult Swim history. So the proposed 70 episode project has just gone halfway and there lots more to come.

The best part of Rick and Morty is that how the crazy story rolls with exhilarating humour and never expected adventures. Adult Swim on May 15 teased that Season 4 will come this November with a video. Well, we don’t know any other updates regarding the release date. But there are few things to look out for.

Rick and Morty season 4 is going to be wild, Dan Harmon confirms

Recently, the shows co-creator Dan Harmon posted few crazy ideas about Rick and Morty storyline. We couldn’t know all those ideas, but few of them are vivid. That includes Barrk-Nado, The People’s (Basketball) Court, Morty Buys a Boat, Artificial Person with a Real Leg, Planet Powered by Chips and Salsa, Wesley Snipes, and, When-Wolf. Again he made another post that displays a text that reads Detachable Fingers (or Toes) and Woman made of Fish captioning that there is one he wanted to write.

So, it is evident that we will encounter awe-inspiring stories in upcoming seasons but have to wait long. Season 4 comes in November this year on Netflix.

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