A never Ending Relationship of “Block B’s U-Kwon”, wants to Marry “Jung Hye-Sung”

K pop is indeed very popular among all the youth from all over the world and one of the known band member of “Block B,” Kim Yu-Kwon popularly known by his stage name “U-Known.” A vocalist and a dancer from South Korea who is ruling over many hearts but do you know who is ruling his heart?

"Jung Hye-Sung"

Jung Hye-Sung is the one who is in the heart of U-Kwon since last 8 years. This is the longest relationship of a k-idle. She is an actress and a model from South Korea who debuted by a very famous drama “To the beautiful you” and gave many hit roles.

U-Kwon openly spoke about his relationship with Sung Hye on June 11 on show “video star.” He said that he wanted to reveal his relationship when fans kept asking him to do so. He was 21 at that time when he announced that he is dating sung hye and she is the only one who he loves.

U-Kwon also talked about the reactions his fans, band members, and the agency had after knowing about his mail in which he confessed his relationship. He said that Park Kyung was very about my sudden action and even slammed the door of the room where they were talking and asked him why he didn’t share about this to any of co-members and he should have discussed it with all before doing this.

He said he felt guilty about his action after that because this somewhere affects all the members so… but when the agency learned about this through the emails and comments from fans they deleted the label an met with him in a restaurant in front of the agency.

A never Ending Relationship of "Block B's U-Kwon", wants to Marry "Jung Hye-Sung"

They asked him to date as much he wants, which made him felt a little happy and satisfied with what he did. He said he never then regretted about this and feels good as many of his fans admired sung hye and even told him that they take her as their role model because she has a unique style.

In a recent video upload for his girlfriend, he apologized to her and said “I think I have a lot of things to be sorry for the past eight years until now. I think I’m going to feel apologetic once again because of the military issues. Trust me and watch me because I’ll do my best so that we’ll stick together. Sun Hye, I love you.”

Wow, such a cute couple they are, they set some couple goals for everyone.

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