Shenmue III is more exciting than its past installments and you will play till your fingers bleed.

Ryo Hazuki, the teenage martial artist, will return to find the killer of his father in Guilin, China. Shenmue III, developed by Neilo and Ys Net and published by Deep Silver, will launch for PlayStation and Windows. Though past installment was made in a vast budget, both the installment were commercial failures. Now, this installment is expected to overcome past failures and provide a remarkable gaming experience.

The new installment takes place in Guilin, China, that means the character has left his native Yokosuka, Japan. The game starts from the same small Chinese village with new real-life sort of remedies. The director Yu Suzuki confidently quote that the story will not end here. Instead, he has the desire to develop more installments.

According to the game’s Kickstarter page, the Guilin Village will consist of three areas. The Choubu is “a riverside village with lots of shops, souvenir stores, hotels, and temples,” and another area named Baisha will feature a “siege game reminiscent of the Warring Kingdoms.”

But the most exciting part is that finally, the developers have included real-life experience and problems. The protagonist now has to eat and take enough sleep. Without the proper appetite and sleep, Ryo cannot engage in battles and run around the place to explore things.

The game, on the one hand, is an open world but has a novel sense of reality. As Ryo is in China now, he can make phone calls to his friends back in Japan and catch up with them. Ryo can increase his stamina or vital stats by training and mediation like similar to Chinese pop culture.

The developers have created a smooth simulation of real-life, and it looks obvious that the game will succeed properly this time. Shenmue III is coming on November 19, 2019.

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