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Bryant Household Welcomes Their New Daughter!! Kobe Bryant we Feel That.


The Bryant family is of six now! Having a child is a blissful and a wonderful feeling, and this same goes for Vanessa and Kobe Bryant. The Bryant family welcomes a new member to the family as Vanessa gave birth to a daughter on 20th June. The former NBA player Kobe, 40 and his wife Vanessa, 37 announced that they are excited for their baby.


Kobe and Vanessa got married in 1999 and then came Natalie, 16 in 2003. She became a big sister three years later when Gianna arrived followed by Bianka. The newest member of the family has an extraordinary name, a small tribute to his father, Capri Kobe Bryant. Vanessa mentioned the news about her baby on social media with her name embroidered on a baby cloth.

On new year’s day, the couple shared their happiness on social media with the captions “new year, new baby! Baby mama on the way 2019″. Vanessa added, ” Kobe, and I are very happy welcoming the new member in the family,” She says Gianna will have a new sibling to play with.

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The Bryant household is very happy after welcoming their new daughter to the family. The Bryant family is happy with their three daughters and 4th on the way, but they still want a son. It looks like the former NBA player is still not done.

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What father would not want a son? But it should not be taken negatively or in any other manner is it never happens. Kobe’s dad Joe “Jellybean” Bryant played himself in NBA  for eight seasons from 1973 to 1983. He nurtured his sons’ athletic ability through all the years, imagine what Kobe do with his son. It will be a family of champions.

If Kobe doesn’t get a son, then her daughters sure would have inherited their fathers’ skills and one day would become a famous women NBA player. We congratulate the family for their daughter.

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