Home Entertainment Mark Hamill is having a gala time on Twitter! Let's check how!?

Mark Hamill is having a gala time on Twitter! Let’s check how!?


Mark is on fire these days. He can’t stop himself, from continuously sharing about the Star Wars content on the social media.

Well as we all know, Mark is currently been seen on the big screen voicing the terrifying doll, Chucky, in the latest Child’s play reboot. Hamill was recently seen having a gala time sharing about Star Wars on Twitter. He shared a gif on himself and which also includes Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher from an original Star Wars film. The actors are seen having fun. And adding to that he also gave a punch of laugh to his fans, when he joked about his droopy outfit of Star Wars.

Well, no doubt it was a funny post and lots of people burst out their laughter on the internet. Mark himself wrote, “The clip reminds me that they never got me the belt or suspenders I kept asking for. Still waiting..#LukeDroopyDrawers. This tweet was the talk of Twitter yesterday and many people commented on Hamill’s post.¬† They joined Mark too with this fun and filled his tweets with many comments.
To Hamill’s tweet, Claudia commented, “Hope you don’t have to wait until the end of time. This clip is so cute, so are you. You all are”. Just like her many others expressed their excitement to comment.

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Mark Hamill is an American actor, voice actor, and writer popularly known for playing Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. ¬†According to the sources, Luke Skywalker is said to be back as a hallowed force ghost. When asked to Rian, The Last Jedi director said, there will be exciting possibilities for the role Mark will be playing in the coming chapter. No one’s actually ever really gone he added. He also confirmed he isn’t writing the script and is not much learned about the upcoming project.

Well, Mark as Luke is the heart and his return will excite the audience to a different extent.


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