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PUBG is No More a Battle Royal, Will Now Cover a Narrative Timeline


PUBG short for players unknown battleground is a popular term from kids to adults, but still, if you are new to this don’t worry, let us do a quick brush up. So PUBG is an online multiplayer game available in for both PC and mobile (iOS and Android). It is developed by PUBG corporation and Bluehole, a South Korean company. After it’s release in the year 2017, it became one of the fastest popular game worldwide. There are some specifications both for PC and Mobile users like RAM space, Processor, and devices versions to run the game smoothly.


Let’s learn some interesting facts about the game:

Now we have heard a lot about how amazing and unique the gameplay is, the updates are so tremendous and essential skill to play the game is more than enough. But did you know some the exciting facts like:
• It is one of the fifth best selling video game.
• The dialogue “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” which you get if you win the game is derived from early life known as the Depression period, where people didn’t have enough money, and if they win in games like cards they could afford a chicken meal.
• PUBG sold 2 million copies in one month, isn’t it amazing?
• PUBG was successful in beating the record of Dota2 and other famous gameplay.
• The designer, Brendan Greene’s username, is “payer unknown.”

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Now on the latest news:

The pre-registration of Lite Version on PUBG was released in different countries, but recently the pre-registration for the lite version started in some regions of Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. In India, the pre-registration started from June 20, 2019, and will go on till July 3, 2019. There is an official page just with the registration details and links. To add the cherry on the top, there are rewards too. Rewards like Tiger M416 gun, Cheetah Parachute skin. On crossing 1,00,000 and 2,00,000 up registration there are extra exciting rewards. So if you have low-end devices and want to play PUBG, then you should run to the page and start your registration, event code will be sent on respective emails on 11th of July.

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