Louis Tomlinson Disapproves X-Rated Graphic Scene On Euphoria with Harry Styles

Breaking news to all. The American T.V show Euphoria depicted an explicit fan-fiction about Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles in one of their scenes. It was not well approved by Louis at all. The scene was quite indecent. Certainly enough to raise a hue and cry among the stars. Let’s get into some more details.

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The Graphic Scene

The scene in the show Euphoria concentrated on a fanfiction played by Barbie Ferriera who penned down a graphic story about the same-sex link between Louis and Harry. The author gave a nickname to the fictional same-sex relationship calling it “Larry Stylinson”.

The scene is not aesthetically rich at all. Rather it involves a few explicit moments. The scene is an animated one where Zendeya’s character Rue is the narrator. Harry is seen comforting an anxious Louis before a concert by performing oral sex. Gross isn’t it?

The Huge Criticism

In no moment, the scene was slammed by all fans across the world. It was definitely a very unprofessional part of the makers of the show. Fans wondered if Louis and Harry had any idea about the scene or not.


Larry Stylinson

Larry Stylinson is a nickname given to the boys mixing both of their names. It is a part of fandom culture where fan expresses a romantic relationship between their favorite stars. It can be real or fictional. However, all these stories brought discomfort and uneasiness between Louis and Harry’s friendship.

We can definitely say, it was certainly a very unethical gesture from Euphoria’s part.

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