Entertainment PUBG lite, the tips and tricks you should know

PUBG lite, the tips and tricks you should know


Players Unknown Battleground known as PUBG is famous worldwide gameplay. Since 2017 the game has reached success with increasing players day by day. PUBG is available for PC, Mobile (both Android and IOS ) and now the lite version is on the go for both PC and mobile.
As the video game needs a proper device with ample space and advanced versions of the invention to run smoothly. Many people can’t afford so but not to worry a lite version is a form of a savior. It gives the same experience in low maintenance.

Pre-registration and release:
The pre-registration of PUBG lite started quite a time back ending on 3rd July; there were various rewards and a particular process to the registrar for the same. And the release is not yet confirmed but maybe in July 2019 itself. It will surely make a significant market again as it made of the previous. With the new gameplay, the lite version has some great tips and tricks which can be useful.

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The tips and tricks in PUBG lite:
• There is a place nearby Old Basin in the map where you find a plank and a car upside down, which forms to be an excellent place to hide and target.
• To jump from one building to another building from the terrace, you have to press jump continuously.
• If you open the smoke grenade and keep it in hand, you can spot the opponent in smoke, but the opponent can’t do the same.
• If your car gets stuck, blowing up grenade beneath can free your vehicle.
• If you stay half inside the circle and half outside, you won’t get hurt and can easily target others.
Along with the tricks, developers have fixed various bugs and smoothened the gameplay by improving reload system, shooting, movement, and much more.

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