Emilia Clarke Attended Music Festival at the time of Sophie Turner’s Grand Wedding!

Emilia Clarke was notably absent from Sophie’s marriage, and she was spotted at Glastonbury Music Festival at that time.

Emilia Clarke is a famous English actress. She is well known for her role of Daenerys in Game of Thrones. As we all know, Sophie Turner married Joe Jonas recently in the South of France. It was the second marriage of Joe Jonas.

But the star of GOT Sophie Turner’s Co-star Emilia Clarke was not present at her wedding ceremony. While Emilia Clarke was spotted at Glastonbury festival this weekend and she posted a picture with her friend.

Emilia Clarke Attended Music Festival at the time of Sophie Turner's Grand Wedding!
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Fans were waiting hard for Sophie and Joe’s marriage, but the absence of Emilia disappointed many of them.

It is not known as of now why Emilia Clarke did not attend the wedding ceremony of Sophie and Joe or whether Emilia or other stars of Game of Thrones were invited to the marriage or not.

One of the fans asked Emilia that why was not present at the ceremony, then she answered in a very relaxed manner and said: ” I am not a Stark, supposedly.” This answer confused everyone.

It is also not verified yet whether she was invited to the marriage or not.
Her absence is creating more confusion as Emilia and Sophie are on good terms, and there is no dispute between the two.

We can only speculate why she was not present at her Co-star Sophie and Joe marriage in France.