Why Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson From Fifty Shades of Grey Broke Up? Know The Reason!

All actresses are very concerned about their figure and personality, and to gain this, they avoid giving birth. After giving birth to a child, the female body undergoes many changes which may harm there figure.

It this day of high competition among everyone, this is very important for models to remain fit; otherwise, they may lose their career, especially at the time when their career is not settled.

Among relationship and career, it is indeed very hard to choose, and this is what Dakota Jhonson, the actress of “fifty shades of grey” is going through. Her married life with her husband Chris Martin, the lead vocalist and pianist of Coldband (a British band) is not going well. According to one of their close friend, both of them don’t agree on the thought of having kids and are living separately since last month.

Coldpaly's Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson From Fifty Shades of Grey Broke Up!

Johnson doesn’t want kids right now as she wants to focus on her career, and she already has two children with her ex-husband where Chris, who also have one daughter and son from his ex-wife soon wants kids with her to complete their family.

Their friend even said that Chris has said to them that he is single again after the breakup with her last month. This is really going serious this time according to the sources as whenever they try to have a conversation with each other, they end up fighting.

Coldpaly's Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson From Fifty Shades of Grey Broke Up!

It seems like they both surely have different thoughts and priorities. They both are right now standing at different points of this earth where their love just joins them.
Will they get back together? Will Jhonson agree to have kids? Will Chris understand why she is not ready to have kids?

Fans and we are really waiting to hear an official statement from them soon and really wants them to not break up.

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