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Louis Vuitton Created A Pop-up In New York City Today Fully Covered In Neon Green


In something that we will consider a new marketing strategy; Louis Vuitton has opened up a brand new temporary store in New York City. This store is no ordinary store as compared to others. The 6,000 square foot store is entirely in neon green. This also includes the interior, exterior, figures as well as all the furniture covered in this color.This eye-catching new store is located on 100, Rivington Street in the Lower East Side of New York City. This store is temporary and will feature the brand’s Fall 2019 collection designed by Virgil Abloh. All the collection is of men which people can buy from July 12 to July 21.

This is not for the first time that this French fashion store has opened such kind of pop up store. This fashion store has been opening such type of pop up store in multiple locations; such as London, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Chicago. All these stores are dedicated to men’s collection.

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Louis Vuitton

Virgil Abloh, the designer of the men’s collection, is the men’s artistic director of Louis Vuitton. He is also the winner of ‘The Designer Prize 2019’ in the category of ‘communication.’ The day before the store was to be opened in this new location, he wrote in his social media, ‘Louis Vuitton men’s ideation team concept for temporary retail. Collection 2 now available. 100 Rivington Street Lower East Side. Open from tomorrow on.’

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In the collection, this store will have flag prints, leather goods, shirts, and sweaters as well as monogrammed accessories.


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