Home Entertainment The Aquaman actor Jason Momoa is being body shamed on social media

The Aquaman actor Jason Momoa is being body shamed on social media


Joseph Jason Momoa is an American actor born on august 1979. He played Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe, beginning with the 2016 superhero film Batman v/s Superman: dawn of justice.

Body shamed on social media

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The Aquaman actor is body shame on social media for a picture of his unflexed abs on vacation with his wife. While he is just trying to live his life free of airbrushing and photoshop. It all started when the US weekly posted a photo of the Aquaman actor from his vacation in Venice on Instagram. And the internet trollers has found a new target. Commenters started calling his physique a “dad bod,” asking what happened to his body. People are asking why Jason Momoa isn’t constantly flexing his ab muscles, and it is driving me crazy.

“He looks amazing always”: people defending Jason Momoa against haters

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Let’s not forget that his diet for Aquaman required his trainer to observe, count, interview, and then have the chef adjust total calories and macros.” Also, no alcohol. Average human, we inhabit in the world doesn’t look like Momoa in Aquaman. His body in the movie is well beyond what should be considered a normal body type. The organization he achieved for Aquaman was extremely difficult and unrealistic.

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Thankfully, the rest of social media came to his defense, pointing out that while Momoa’s abs may not be in full effect, he’s far from having a “dad bod.”

A user said: “still has a better body the 90% of people commenting.” And another user wrote: he looks amazing as always”. Several people even joked that they could never take their shirt off again of momo’s body is getting flack.

Honestly, we are nobody to judge him, and his body is none of our business. He is allowed to give himself a real dad bod if he wants. The good thing is that the man seems ultimately by the trollers and sharing his pics from his vacation. The Aquaman is just enjoying his vacation mode.

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