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Kiefer Sutherland’s Designated Survivor Season 4 Updates! Season 3 Spoilers


Designated Survivors Season 3 aired on Netflix last month, and fans are already waiting for the fourth season.

Season 3 premiered last month

The 10-episodes long season 3 premiered on Netflix on 7 June after its cancellation by US Network ABC in 2018. The action thriller series revolves around Tom Kirkman played by Kiefer Sutherland and his quest to become the US President. After the premiere of season 3, Sutherland had tweeted his thanks for everyone’s support.

Has Kirkman got bad?

The season 3 finale saw Kirkman getting his hands dirty to run in the presidential elections. Fans were shocked to see the upright and idealistic “designated survivor” deciding not to release his opponent, Cornelius Moss’s audio recording which might prove that Moss was not so bad. It looks like Sutherland is all in the game and by any means, wants to become the most powerful man of the West.


Till now, there’s no news about the new season. Netflix hasn’t come up with any statement about the renewal of the series. The online platform is dropping many shows that are not receiving much viewership. It’s been just a month since the release of season 3 of Designated Survivor. The upcoming months will decide whether there’ll be a season 4 or not based on the viewership count.

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What will happen in season 4?


Season 3 has set the stage ready for season 4 and fans are excited to find answers of the questions which were left unanswered. The biggest one being if Kirkman will continue to lose his morals for power or he’ll soon realize his misdeeds. The finale saw Emily walking out of the party crying and disappointed in Kirkman. Will she stay by his side?

Isabel found out that she was pregnant with Aaron’s child after she ended her relationship with him. Will she tell him about the pregnancy? Lorraine was arrested by the FBI for her underhanded ways of winning the elections. Will she go to jail or will come up with more schemes to save herself?

Fans need to wait for season 4 so stay tuned for more updates!

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