Oh No! It’s Break Up In Tinsel Town- Aaron Carter and Lina Valentina Splits Up, But Why?

Celebrity breakups are nothing uncommon these days. However, when two souls in love part their ways, it’s definitely heartbreaking. Aaron Carter and his girlfriend Lina Valentina whom he dated for 1 year, split up. Unfortunately, their love story did not end on a happy note.

Split Up

Aaron Carter frankly spoke about his relationship and what went wrong. In a candid conversation, he revealed that he was optimistic about his relationship with Lina this time. They even considered having kids together. But things did not go according to their plans. According to Aaron, their relationship gradually became unhealthy. He also confessed that ” I am learning from my mistakes”.

However, the 31-year-old singer does not regret his relationship with Lina at all. Right now, he wants to completely concentrate on his music career and plans to make more music tours. He feels, parting away was the best and matured decision he made. Carter is quite hopeful that one day he will surely meet his soulmate.

Good Old Days

CREDIT: Instagram / Aaron Carter

In 2018, Carter decided to open up about his romantic relationship with Lina and made it public through an Instagram post. He wrote that he found the love of his life. Lina was the girl he has always dreamt of. They wanted to grow old together. The singer was praising his lady love with attributes such as a queen. His comment was full of love and he even mentioned that he is never going to leave her at any cost.


The next month, after this adorable post about Lina, the couple shared another post hinting at pregnancy news as they wrote:” might be expecting”. They also wrote they are beyond happy and hoping to begin a family real soon. Although, Carter cleared all rumors as he made another post saying that he aspires to be a father definitely but not at this very moment.

Well, with so much love in the air, who thought that fate had something else stored for the couple. Hope that both of them the correct decision and best wishes for their future.


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