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Cyntoia Brown the victim of sex traffickin and accussed of murder is finally free!



Who is Cyntoia Brown? and her case details

In the year 2006, when Cyntoia Brown was just 16 years old, she was jailed for killing a 43-year-old man named Johnny Allen, a Nashville real estate agent. He took her from a hotel a fix a deal where he would offer her $150 for sex. Early to that, Cyntoia ran away from her home and was drugged, abused, and sexually assaulted and put into the sex trafficking business by a man named ‘Cutthroat.’

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In her defense, Cyntoia said she suspected that Allen was reaching for a gun to shoot her so to save herself she killed him, took some money and ran away. Prosecutors instead blamed her that she intended to rob him and jailed her for first-degree murder and robbery for a lifetime.
On what basis she got released?
As per the crime she was accused of she couldn’t attain parole until 2055, but the recent awareness on me too her case got highlighted, many big names including some celebrities like Kim Kardashian West took a stand with her for her release claiming that she was already a victim of sex trafficking and what she did is totally justifiable. Due to the increasing pressure in mass public campaigns and social media, former Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam granted executive clemency.

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Behind the bars

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During her prison life, she managed to get GED and an associated degree and pass out with 4.0-grade point average theory Lipscomb University. But she will remain under the parole supervision for ten years, plus she will form a part of counseling sessions and community service. The lead lawyer of the case Charles. W. Bone expressed his happiness on the release of Cyntoia after years of pushing in. Cyntoia is now of 31 years she thanked everyone who supported and prayed for her.

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