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Google Fit And The New Sleep Tracking Feature


Google offers much more to this world than just a search engine. Over the years Google has introduced hundreds of different programs and applications that have proven very useful to the human race. Google Fit is one such application. It is a health and fitness application that uses sensory signals in order to record physical fitness activities. The app is regularly updated and Google has recently added a new sleep tracking feature to the app.

Are Sleep Tracking Apps Actually Useful?

My friends and I are health enthusiasts and Google Fit helps us keep track of our fitness levels. There are many different health-related apps in the market however Google Fit offers one of the best experiences. 

If you are a health enthusiast like us then you should definitely have a sleep and health tracking app or device with you at all times. There are many different brands in the market that offer sleep tracking programs. If you are someone who is looking for the best sleep tracking apps or devices then the website SmartifyLife has reviews of top leading devices and sleep apps on the market.

Google Fit does not track your sleep data, but any sleep tracking app can share its data with Google Fit, and it presents this data to you visually to better understand your sleep quality and patterns.

Google Fit has several amazing and useful features which help you keep track of your physical fitness. Certain new features have been added to the app including a sleep tracking feature. The way we sleep and the amount of sleep we get, all affect our physical health. The addition of sleep tracking feature makes Google Fit more useful and helps people in staying more healthy.

Google Fit might be an amazing app but it is not the only health related app in town. You can find several different companies that offer similar programs however none of them are as effective as Google Fit.

Google Fit’s Sleep Tracker Lets You Stay Healthy

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Sleep is very important. It is a known fact that people who don’t get proper sleep are prone to relatively more mental and physical disorders. Many people tend to manually keep track of their sleep by just making an estimate of how much they slept each day in the last week but Google fit lets you bring that measurement on the screen.

The app offers some amazing charts and visuals that can help you understand your sleeping patterns in a more efficient way. The charts are user friendly and very easy to read. The number of hours you sleep are represented by purple lines with “sleeping time” and “waking up time” mentioned underneath. The app uses sensory signals and energy emissions from your body to judge and record your sleeping patterns. The app is also available in dark mode.

In order to stay healthy and active, you need to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep. I had been getting very little sleep every day. It made me feel really agitated throughout the day. However, after I updated Google Fit to its latest version I was happy to see the sleep tracking features. I was also amazed by its effectiveness. In my first few days using this app, I noticed that I had only been getting 4 to 5 hours of sleep every day however after that I tried to improve my sleeping habits and now I easily sleep for around 7 hours like a baby. I feel more active and fresh now which helps me in performing my duties more efficiently. 


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 Since its introduction in the general market, Google Fit has been considered a very useful program. The addition of the sleep tracking feature has added to the usefulness of the app. People can now use this app to improve their sleeping habits which will have a tremendous effect on their health and work productivity. The best thing about Google Fit is that this app is totally free. You do not have to pay anything extra to take advantage of the new sleep tracking feature. Just update your Google Fit app and you will be able to see all the new features.


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