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Viral! Actor Elizabeth Hurley flaunts a topless sun-kissed picture on her Social media account


With the sun right above the head and summer season all around, the temperature went little higher. The reason for this is Elizabeth Hurley new Topless picture which has created a lot of stir among her fans.

The 54-year old British actress recently posted a topless snap on her Instagram profile. She has her own swimwear designer brand, which she has been promoting all these while. Lot of her fans call her queen of Bikini Photos.

The picture is creating a buzz for all the right reasons. In a blue and white stripped bottom wear, body half-submerged into the water, she is looking ravishingly beautiful. A perfect pose for the camera topped with a sun-kissed profile shot is making her look scintillating.

Currently the actor is spending a merry time in States and has been posting about her updates. The caption for her recent topless post reads “LA morning wake up (PS I only go in the sun before 9 am or after 6 pm- Otherwise, it’s under large umbrella)”.

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She has been quite an active social media user. In one of her recent posts she was seen cladding in a stripped bikini beside a pool a humming a song. The caption read something about of her gratefulness of having to taste such beautiful moments.

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Elizabeth Hurley is one of the pretty faces of United Kingdom, despite that she did not taste much long-lasting relationships. Currently she is enjoying her single hood. Nevertheless, she does not mind to venture into something new only if the man is worthy enough.

Hurley had quite a notable relationships in the past. She was married to multi-millionaire Arun Nayar. She also had a relationship with NBA star Steve Nash. In The world of films she had a talked about relationship with Hugh Grant.


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