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Cyntoia Brown Realeased From Serving 15 Years Of Life Sentence in Prison

4 months ago

Cyntoia Brown has been released from prison. She was under the bars for 15 years of a life sentence. She entered the jail at a very tender age of 16.

Let’s Know Why She Was Kept Under The Bars?

Cyntoia Brown was punished for the crime she justified for it. She shot a man with a gun who tried to assault her physically when she was 16 years. She also revealed that he intended to kill her after the assault.

She was then caught in the murder case and presented in court. She justified herself that her act was in self-defense. And also she was not having any other option left. She was helpless, and she had to kill him and save herself from the crime he was planning against her.

The court took this case as murder. And stated that you couldn’t kill anyone in the name of self-defense. She was life-sentenced and was kept under the life-sentenced thee bars.

Was It A Justice?

A girl who was trying to save herself became the culprit. And the boy who wanted to rape a girl and was intended to kill her after the assault became a victim.

It was not justice. If a boy is trying to do all these things, we should have the right to kill them as it is inhuman. And women should have the right to save her respect and is free to kill the man. As they can’t do anything to us and we can’t tolerate all this nonsense every time.


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