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Enthusiasm of The Beatles’ fans at it’s peak as they gather to celebrate 50th Anniversary


The Beatles’ fans gathered on Abbey Road this Thursday to recreate an old picture of The Beatles on their 50th anniversary.

A similar-looking band Fab Four came down to the Abbey Road to recreate the old The Beatles picture and paying a tribute in away.

Fab Four is a California based tribute band paying homage to The Beatles. The group was made in 1997 with so many people as it’s members. In 1969 Iain MacMillan climbed the ladder and took a picture of The Beatles near Abbey Road and Grove End Road.

Timing of the picture

Almost half a century later The Beatles’ fans managed to click the exact same image near that zebra crossing and recreated it. The photo was taken at 11:38 in the morning, which was supposed to be the right time to click the picture.

How the band managed to click such picture


The band stopped the traffic and clicked the best ever picture. All the band members managed to come there from different corners where they were. Chris travelled from New Zealand to the Abbey Road. He said, “It’s dedication or stupidity, but it’s a trip of a lifetime. When you’re here, you feel like you are part of the whole thing again.”

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In place of MacMillan, Tony Bramwell came to click the picture by climbing the ladder. He said, “It was just another album sleeve, we didn’t really plan them, except for Sgt Pepper. Someone just said ‘Why don’t we do it in the road?’ it was vaguely planned the day before.”

The picture implies…

This was termed as the world’s longest photo session. Ken Miller said, “In the shot itself they’re walking away. They’re done. The Beatles are no more, and this is the last time that you’re going to see them as a group”. This implies that the picture had so many hidden meanings.


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