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Kelly Ripa Clapped Back Her Troller Who Claimed The Actress To Be a Cardboard Cutout


One Instagram user recently trolled an American Actress and famous talk show host Kelly Ripa by referring her to a cardboard cutout and upon noticing such derogatory comment Kelly has now clapped back at the troller claiming she is still pretty exciting.

This whole feud started back when fellow American actor, famous for his role as Quinn Mallory in Sliders, Jerry O’Connell shared a photo of a 48-year-old actress with a motive to promote the premiere episode of Jerry’s new talk show, Jerry O. 

So then, this troller showed up to target Kelly Ripa through his demeaning comment. Jerry left a caption in the post writing to submit any questions if fans had so that Jerry could ask his guest, Ripa.

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The user with an Instagram name systems_theory goes like this, Why? There are so many interesting people out there who don’t already have way too much time on tv, why her (or any other cardboard cutout tv like Seacrest etc.). Even you can’t transcend the boringness of that kind of guest — cruel disappointment.

Kelly Ripa with an absolute calm clapped back to the troller directly by writing that it was August and so non-cardboard cutout TV people were in Italy. The actress further wrote that She is still pretty exciting. Also, Mark Consuelos, who happens to be Kelly Ripa’s husband, supported her response by writing, “I conquer… very exciting.”

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This isn’t the first time the people have trolled Kelly Ripa. Before this, Kelly received an unusual comment regarding her marriage with husband Mark Consuelos. The trolled mentioned that Kelly Ripa is too old for her husband.

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