Why Patrick J. Adams returning to Suits Season 9 & Meghan Markle isn’t

Credit: USA Network

The ninth season of Suits is currently running on-air and while it remains popular, for many, including the most loyal devotees of the legal drama, the conspicuous absence of two lead characters from the erstwhile series ensemble is a glaring downside.

Of course, the conversation centers around actors Meghan Markle, the new Duchess of Sussex, and Patrick J. Adams, who has since returned in an albeit limited capacity, with his appearance having been hinted on multiple instances and finally confirmed for a supporting role post-Episode 4.


Their characters Mike Ross and Rachel Zane were married at the end of Season Seven and subsequently written out of the series for last year’s Season Eight as it became obvious that Markle’s wedding with Prince Harry would render her unable to appear on television anymore.

The announcement of the aforementioned proved to be enough of a disappointment for the series’ legions of fans as it was, until the producers USA Network dropped yet another bombshell.

Earlier this year arrived the public declaration of the network’s decision to discontinue Suits after the conclusion of Season Nine due consistently dropping viewership ratings; itself considered a by-product of Markle and Adams’ beloved characters by many industry analysts.

Needless to mention, Markle couldn’t have returned for the series’ final hurrah even if she wanted to give the Royal Family’s strict guidelines, and a plan by the USA Network to make a large charitable donation to British charities to somehow bend the rules and allow an appearance from Markle in exchange failed, though the calls for Adams to be reinstated were indeed heard.

Credit: Sun

The writers initially hesitated to mark a comeback for Mike in the absence of Rachel on-screen, but those fears were put aside to facilitate a grand, emotional reunion for the last season.