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‘Be Afraid To Go To Walmart Next Week’ Mass Shooting Threat Posed by a Person from Florida, “ARRESTED”


A person has been arrested in Florida for threatening to open a Walmart fire over his social media account and has been put to custody, but still, there are high alerts at the Walmart. To Save Yourself from being caught in a Mass Shooting it is Recommended to Stay at Home.

He has been charged with threatening to murder or damage to people in writing. On Tuesday, the FBI got a tip on the post.

No firearms have been discovered in Padgett’s home, and according to the office of the sheriff, he has not been indulged with any criminal history. When detectives contacted Padgett, he confessed blocking his numbers, calling and subsequently, following a media release, deleting his call history. Granit said the mom of Padgett worked at Walmart and was at work when Padgett called his threatening phone call.

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Officials told that the 26-year-old Richard Clayton posted his semi-automatic weapon on Facebook and individuals were supposed to remain away from Walmart.

Clayton has been detained by the Florida Law Enforcement Department this Friday in the north of Orlando.

The agency said on Sunday that a gunman murdered 22 individuals in El Paso, Texas, and wounded two dozen in a Walmart, Clayton published his threat.

Reasons for Hatred is again racist in the terms, and he supports white Supremacy.

In two minutes, the sheriff’s office said the police were at the Walmart, calling 911. Sheriff Chad Chronister stated in a statement, “I couldn’t be more proud of our representatives and their reaction.”

“Those criminals who try to make us scared of shopping, filming, concerts, work, and college are nothing more but terrorists,” he added, “those types of behaviors will not be tolerated, we shall seek justice in the fullest measure of the law.”

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