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Beverly Hills is back with another reboot this year!

4 months ago

The former show recap

Beverly Hills the great teen show from the ’90s, it became the heart of teenagers, and most all other teenage dramas came inspired from this show. The show ran from October 4, 1990, to May 17, 2000. The show started with a family who moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Beverly Hills, and how their life took a turn. The first season didn’t attract many fans, but later it was hugely admired teen drama. Thus, Beverly Hills became the best running show from Spelling.

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Another reboot?

The initial reboot came in the year 2008 and ran till 2013, and was named 90210. But the makers of the series seems to provide more and more of Beverly Hills, and it’s a great thing. So BH90210 termed as another reboot aired on 7 August 2019. It is a reality show but scripted! The same cast is there, kind of reunion of the coolest stars of the ’90s.
The show initially focused on things like:
• Animal rights
• Sex
• Teenage suicide
• Date rape
• Teen pregnancy
• Alcoholism
• Eating disorder
• Drug, abuse
And many other sensitive topics, thus fans have high expectations from this reboot too.

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About the cast and more

The cast includes Shannon Doherty, she initially was not a part of the reboot, but since Luke Perry, a critical member of the crew passed away due to stroke this year,  she joined the cast to honor him. Apart from her, there is Jason Priestly, Jennie Gary, Tori Spelling, Brian Austin, Jan Ziering, etc. In the trailer of the show, we get to see everyone waking up or starting the day, and then suddenly the old music starts to play, giving the nostalgia all over. People are looking forward to what the show brings, and we all will work for sure miss Luke Perry.

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