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Cole Sprouse addresses the rumors surrounding Lili Reinhart’s breakup.


Cole Sprouse, Riverdale star, recently opened up on how he felt about the rumors surrounding Lili Reinhart’s breakup. Even though it was never sure if the couple broke up or got back in a relationship after splitting up, both Cole and Lili ridiculed the break-up rumors.

SOURCE: The Cheat Sheet

Lilly, who had already lashed back at the break-up chatters was followed by Cole, who addressed the rumors by calling it a part of his job. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actor said that the scrutiny on his relationship with Lili was expected when they started a career in show business. The actor made it clear that he was incredibly annoyed by the rumors, but he didn’t care as it is the nature of the industry. The actor also added that it is something you sign of for, but as long as you can keep it light and the fun, it’s all good.

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Wild Cole is addressing all the breakup rumors very calmly, and in an orderly fashion, Lily seems to be blasting all the suggestions with brilliant sassy comments, but neither of them is confirming for denying anything. Lily, who previously claimed that sources don’t know sh*t while talking about her breakup rumors took a different route later when she commented on varieties Instagram post on Cole. In the comment, she asked if Cole is single and available? While both the actors are taking different routes on addressing their breakup rumors, we can only speculate what happened between them if anything happened at all. Let’s hope the couple gets out of this highly irritable mess and move forward with their lives.

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