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Duchess and Duke of York, Sarah and Prince Andrew, were rekindling their love life when the news of Epstein’s Death broke

4 months ago

Prince Andrew was enjoying his vacation in Scotland when the bad news reached his ears.

Prince was having a romantic day with ex-wife Sarah

Prince Andrew was at his mother’s Balmoral Castle in Scotland, and the vacation had just begun when he got to hear that Epstein has committed suicide in Manhattan jail. Prince Andrews was reportedly in the process of reinitiating romance with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson who is the Duchess of York. Epstein was charged for sex-trafficking.

Andrews was one of the friends of Epstein and will be scrutinized by the law. Some of Epstein’s other friends were – President Donald Trump, Harvard law professor Allen Dershowitz and Bill Clinton. The FBI is currently investigating Epstein’s case as many of the political leaders are involved. Epstein was on a suicide watch when there were marks on his neck, but when he hanged himself at that time, he was not on the suicide watch. On Saturday his body was found hanged in his cell.

Their vacation got spoiled by the news
The ex-couple, Andrew and Sarah, didn’t have Epstein’s case in their mind in Scotland. They had romance in their mind. They are friends since 1996, but now they maybe want to turn this friendship back to love. This week in Balmoral, they had planned to take their rekindled relation to a higher level. They both are now 59 years old. Their daughters were expected to join them in this vacation, it was supposed to be a happy, typical vacation, but now it has turned other way round because of the depressing news.

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