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Every real life serial killer we know will appear on “Mindhunter” season 2, waht’s new?


The web series is available on Netflix “Mindhunter” which is created by Jon Penhall and is executively produced by David Finched. The second season of the series is about to release on 16 August, and the trailer is already out.

The series is based on a notification book which is written by John Douglas, and Mark Olshaker called “Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite serial crime unit.”

The series is based on the true stories of the FBI’s Investigation into brutal murders during the late 1970s and early 1980s. In the first season, five actors were playing real-life serial killers.

And after having a look at the trailer, we can conclude that four of murderers were seen who will be portrayed on the coming episode. We also see a figure wearing the mask, and later, the same cover is shown in a box, which is buried in ground.

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Rader who will be seen in the coming season was an active serial killer in Kansas for about thirty years. He killed ten people from 1974-1991 and before his arrest in Potential killer. And thus the character is appeared in the trailer wearing the mask.

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Berkowitz, the second character seen in the trailer is the serial killer of the New York City. He killed about six of the people and also wounded seven others, using a.44 Calibre revolver. He mostly targeted the young women sitting in the cars in the city’s five boroughs and approach the cars and fires multiple shots at the window of the vehicles.

And at the end of the trailer, two more characters appeared Holden and partner, Bill Tench who were waiting to meet Charles Manson. Charles Manson was a leader of the “Manson Family” who committed a series of murders in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Before his investigation branch of the FBI and that’s the subject of “Mindhunter” was formed.


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