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Father brutally shot and killed his son for being gay & having a boyfriend


Man in Nevada killed his son because he was gay and has been allowed to live at home under house arrest while waiting for trial.

14-year-old Giovanni Melton was shot down by his father, Wendell Melton after they had an argument on Thursday about Giovanni having a boyfriend.

While Sonja Jones, Giovanni’s foster mother, stated that Wendell “hated the fact that his son was gay.”

“I’m sure that inside of his mind, he would rather have a dead son than a gay son,” Jones said. She also told that Giovanni has been abused ” physically and mentally and spiritually for many, many years.”


Police received a report on Thursday about a domestic disturbance at a Henderson apartment, where they found Giovanni in a critical condition.

The teen used to live alone in that apartment. He was allowed to live on his own in that apartment, which was rented by his father. And from there he was immediately rushed to the St. Rose Dominican Hospital, but he couldn’t survive.

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Wendell said that they had an argument over the teen skipping school, after which Giovanni shoved him to the ground. And then when he got up, he pulled out his gun and accidentally shot his son in the chest.

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Wendell, had a prior conviction of domestic battery, had been charged with murder, illegal possession of a gun, and child abuse. His original bond was set at $808,000, but the judge later lowered bail to $200,000 at the next hearing.

Wendell was allowed to leave the jail, placing him on a house arrest as he awaits trial. To which Giovanni’s mother Veronica Melton said that she felt like “justice wasn’t being served.”

Veronica says that she feels “betrayed,” and she has also called on the District Attorney’s office for investigation.


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