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How much do you know about Shawn Mendes? , secrets that you don’t know


Shawn Mendes has made people drool over his songs, and he certainly has young female fans drooling over him. The singer of hit songs like Stitches and, Treat You Better is a real star. He has the talent and potential for music that people can only dream of having. But how much do you know about your favorite actor? Here are some facts and rumors that you might not have known about Shawn Mendes.

4. Being such a great musician and guitarist, one might think that he has attended music classes for guitar classes. But is it so? Well, that’s not the case at all. Shawn Mendes learned to play guitar by watching YouTube tutorial videos. Insane right?? Not for a genius musician maybe.

SOURCE: Entertainment Tonight

3. We mostly consider stars to be outgoing and extrovert people or at least very least think of them as very confident people. Why wouldn’t we? I mean coming out on the stage in front of hundreds of thousands of people and performing takes serious guts. However, Shawn has always struggled with his anxiety disorder, but he has been very open about it and has found a way to manage it. He has also described himself as being very neurotic, but he does greet his fans happy. It seems that Shawn is very good at working through his troubles and not letting them interfere in his career.

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2. Shawn Mendes has a huge female fan base who are swooning over him. An excellent looking singer with many viral hits must be pretty good with the girls. Well, that does not case when it comes to Shawn. He is a timid person and finds it difficult to smooth talk the ladies.

SOURCE: Pinkvilla

1. This is pretty evident, but we’d still like to bring it up just because we feel it deserved to be mentioned. Shawn is a good guy, and he’s meticulous about keeping his image clean. For the most part, it seems very improbable that you heard anything about him that splashes dirt on his image. Shawn wants his personal life to be kept to himself and enjoy playing music.

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