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Julianne Moore and husband Bart Freundlich on working together in “after the wedding” and many more.


The Hollywood remake of the Oscar-nominated Danish film ‘After The Wedding’ reteams husband and wife filmmakers Bart Freundlich and Julianne Moore. The original movie was released in 2006 and launched the career of Susanne Bier in Hollywood. Despite the saying ‘never mix work with pleasure,’ Freundlich and Moore have worked together several times.

“After the Wedding”

The film sticks to the storyline of the original, but Freundlich’s film changes the sexes of all but one of the main protagonists. Maybe this gender flip can make the story too complicated that it would get muddled. But how did Bier react to seeing her film reimagined?

“I can’t imagine how weird it must be to have your movie remade,” said Freundlich. “She’s been very positive, and she’s given it her approval, and I think it was different enough that she could appreciate it,” he added. After the wedding will release in North America on August 9.

“I love stories about relationships,” said Moore. “That’s always my favorite to play as an actress, my favorite to watch.” It’s like a combination of real things, real emotions, and high drama. I want people to know about this entertaining relationship movie: Freundlich said.

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The Gloria bell actress informed Andy Cohen that her director Bart Freundlich is jealous of Moore’s “all the moment” scene partners. The on-screen romances of Julianne Moore influence her real-life love.

“when you’re coming back, do you ever say, Oh with anyone, today I had a love scene? Cohen asked.” Julianne, who has been married to Freundlich for almost 16 years, mimed and shot her mouth. “It’s a surprise to him sometimes, and this is work, yes,” Moore confessed.

“Working with my husband is very familiar to me, so it didn’t feel out of the ordinary,” she said. The myth of fingerprints brought them together, and Moore announced their connection was entirely unexpected.

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