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Nicole Kidman trying to ‘rescue’ her kids from Tom Cruise, rumors suggest

4 months ago

Nicole Kidman is supposedly trying to ‘rescue’ her kids from Tom Cruise if a recent spate of reports stemming from Hollywood is to be trusted.

Kidman and Cruise first met each other while shooting for their film Days of Thunder in 1989, and the two got married the very next year. The couple would then remain together until filing for divorce in 2001, bringing an end to a relationship of more than a decade.

During this time, the actors had adopted two children – daughter Isabella in 1992, and son Connor later in 1995 – and it’s their future that Kidman is now purported to be anxious about.

Isabella got married back in 2015 and is currently believed to be pregnant with her first child.

Kidman is concerned that, once she’s given birth, Isabella will be made the face of the Church of Scientology and her child raised under its pervading influence.

Of course, Cruise’s long-standing faith in the aforementioned Church has been a contentious issue for years.

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Scientology has been frequently derided as a false religion and its functioning compared to that of a cult, with accusations of utilizing pseudoscience to heal followers and indulgence in human trafficking to boost fast depleting coffers among just some of the claims that the Church has been at the receiving end of.

It’s the belief that Scientology operates as a cult that has also caused a slew of publications and other observers to posit that Cruise makes his choices according to the religion’s tenets throughout his career.

In 2015, an executive of the Church even claimed in a documentary that Cruise had decided to divorce Kidman simply because he was instructed to, and that she was a ‘suppressive person’ standing as an obstacle in the religion’s path to global proliferation.

Neither Kidman nor her representatives have yet confirmed if she’s indeed taking legal recourse to, or even considered, fighting for full custody of her children with Cruise.

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