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Nursing assistant caught sexually assaulting female disabled patient


Nursing assistant caught on camera sexually assaulting his female disabled patient in Seattle.

29-year-old Nshimiyiana Hamzat worked as a nursing assistant at the Foss Home and Village Nursing Home in north Seattle. He was caught sexually assaulting the victim on a hidden camera more than once.

The woman’s family says hid the camera that looked like a phone charger in her room.

“I asked him what you are doing to me? He said to me back, ‘I’m trying to help you, I’m trying to clean you,” said the victim who did not want to disclose her name.


She hesitated to inform her family about these incidents, but when she did her brother bought the hidden camera, and without telling his sister about the plan, he placed the camera in her room.

He said he was worried that if the suspect found the hidden camera, he might hurt his sister even more. But Hamzat didn’t notice it and was taped red-handed during his criminal act.

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” I was at the same time happy, because I catch him but I’m going sick – I can’t eat nothing,” the victim’s brother said.

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Hamzat himself owns an adult care home in Bothell, Washington where the operations have been suspended while he is in jail.

Hamzat has been charged with second-degree rape.

The woman’s brother demands transparency and action from the facility. He says Hazmat should “stay forever in jail.”


While Leadership at the Foss Home and Village refuse to talk on camera about the allegations, they did say that  Hamzat had been suspended.

However, according to the Seattle media, there is another investigation of sexual assault going on at the same facility as well.


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