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Priyanka hugs her mother in law. Her loving relationship with the in-laws.

4 months ago

Priyanka Chopra is a famous global star now, and she is not just constrained to Bollywood. Paparazzi is attracted to her like moths to light. It’s no wonder that she’s all over news almost every week.

However, it’s been eight months since she got married to Nick Jonas. One thing that changed after her marriage is that she’s no longer in the news alone. She’s mostly accompanied by her hubby, Nick and occasionally seen with her in-laws and their extended family. Judging from all the news and Priyanka’s social media activities, it seems that she’s having a gala time with her husband Nick and her in-laws. She’s also been pictured numerous times with Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas’s wife. And if sources are to believed both Priyanka and Sophie share a cordial relationship. It seems that Priyanka has maintained a kind and loving relationship with all her in-laws and their extended families.

As of now, Priyanka has been accompanying her husband and in-laws for Jonas brothers, Happiness Begins Tour. Every single member of the Jonas family is on tour, including J-sisters. Nick’s father shared many pics from the journey on Instagram. Priyanka is also in some of the pictures, but one picture is exceptional. From the collage of images shared, there is one picture that shows the amount of love that is shared between Priyanka and her in-laws. Priyanka can be seen hugging and embracing her mother in law warmly and lovingly. Her father in law captioned the picture by saying that sometimes you need to stop and take in the moment. It truly is a beautiful relationship that Priyanka shares with the Jonas family.

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