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Scott Disick and GF Sofia stealing all spotlight from Kylie’s getaway


Kylie Jenner has been celebrating her birthday in Italy along with a few of her friends. You might expect Kylie to be grabbing all the attention and making all the news as it is her birthday. Even without any particular day, it’s usually Kylie who remains in the spotlight. However, this time it’s someone who’s tagging along with Kylie grabbing all the attention. Who might they be? Well, let’s not stretch it much and tell you who they are.

Scott Disick and GF Sofia have made Kylie Jenner’s birthday getaway a romantic vacation. They have been spotted in many instances, spending their time having fun and cozying up to each other. And it’s all over news!!!! Sorry, Kylie, we do wish you a pleased birthday, but the stars of the show are Scott and Sofia.


The recent pictures show Scott, 36 years old, and Sofia, a 20-year-old model sitting on the stone dock in Nerano, Italy on Aug.9. What’s unique about this picture? Like all other pictures from the trip, this too shows the couple’s love for each other. In the photo, Scott is embracing Sofia close to himself, like going for a kiss or a hug. The couple truly is in love, and to this, they have completed nearly two years together.

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The couple is part of a large group, all of whom were in Italy to be a part of Kylie’s birthday getaway. The group consisted of Kylie, Travis, their 18-month-old daughter Stormi, Kris Jenner, her bf Corey Gamble, and Kylie’s friends and her assistant Victoria, Stassi Karanikolaou and Yris Palmer. Sofia and Kylie have been getting closer to each other, especially after Kourtney gave her blessings to Scott and Sofia.

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