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Seems Like Tom Hardy Is Quite Interested In his upcoming “Venom 2” As He Is Revealed to be Co-Writing The Script.

4 months ago

Despite the negative reviews, Venom was a big hit when it was released in 2018. No one can deny the fact that Tom Hardy as Eddie and his symbiotic partner venom was off the world.

Perhaps the massive $856.1 million earning worldwide was the motivation behind Sony Pictures to start off with Venom 2 as a new add to the franchise. Ruben Fleisher, who was the director of Venom is of the chair now, and to take the place Sony has chosen Andy Serkis as the new director of Venom 2. Serkis seems clear about his ideas and their adaptations in the film as he said “I am right at the beginning stages. I’ve got some very clear ideas about the journey. I’d like to see visually and how we can take the characters to another dimension.” Screenwriter Kelly Marcel is being provided a major helping hand by Tom Hardy, as he is revealed to be involved in writings of the Venom 2. Serkis reveals, “Tom is very involved in the writings with Kelly Marcel of the new story, so its very much centered around their take.”

Interestingly Tom Hardy was executive producer of the first movie to the franchise, i.e. Venom, apart from playing the role of the lead protagonist Eddie Brock and his alter ego symbiote. Hence forth it can be anticipate that Tom knows the franchise well enough to invest his ideas into the new sequel.

Venom 2 is all set to release in October 2020. This movie shall be the third one to be produced under Andy Serkis, after Breathe and Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle. It would be interesting to see Tom as a co-writer of the script working on a project with Serkis. Venom 2’s backstage cast nd crew is definitely making audience crave for the release.

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