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Step aside iron man aka Robert Downey Jr, there could be a new MCU leader.


In the last installment of MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE, “Avengers: endgame” which proved to be a big hit all over the world, breaking the records, flooding box office with its great reviews and picturization.


The movie was a total blockbuster, Avengers: endgame perfectly wraps up 22 movie is a spectacular way marking the end of the era. Fans of the series were left devastated as Tony Stark, the most important, the head of the avenger’s character of MCU died. Even after the news being confirmed by Marvel, fans kept hoping another comeback of iron man, played by the most talented Robert Downey Jr., kept fans sulking over the old characters, but marvel made it up to the fans in same time by the announcement of upcoming marvel heroes and movies.


A few weeks back, when asked what character the hobs and shaw actor Dwayne Johnson would fit for in MCU, directors Joe and Anthony Russo said that Dwayne would fit best for “The Rock.” Dwayne reacted his reaction to this pick on twitter expressing joy. The tweet was as follows “I think I would have to, that’s the thing. And I appreciate the Russo Brothers. I’ve known those guys for a long time, and I appreciate the compliment, and we would have to see” he said.

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He laughed off the statement and added other comments like “So, basically what they are saying is, is I don’t need a cape. They that I could be the leader of the Marvel universe. That’s my interpretation.” And this isn’t the very first time the wrestler turned actor took to twitter to answer the director duo, Dwayne had tweeted several times about being the ultimate superhero aka leader of the Avengers, when the director said the statement “The superhero that I would most like The rock is to play is The Rock. He is the best version of him”, and Dwayne tweeted and shared his reaction on the twitter “I was born to play this role. I’ll call you tonight Russo Bros!!! Time to rule the MCU, forever”.

But no matter who comes and goes, no one will be ever able to take the place of Robert Downey Jr. in one’s heart. Even after being dead, he is the alive character in fans heart.

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