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Supernatural producer hints Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s John Winchester Won’t Be Brought Back for Final Season

4 months ago

To many fans’ dismay, writer and executive producer for the TV show Supernatural, Eugenie Ross-Leming just suggested that Jeffrey Dean Morgan won’t be returning as John Winchester in the last and 15th season of the show. Read on to find out why.

What The Fans (And Morgan) Want for Winchester

In Supernatural’s 300th episode in Season 14 titled “Lebanon,” John Winchester was pulled out of the past and brought forward to 2019 by a wish from his son Dean. In that episode, he reunited with his sons Sam and Dean and his wife Mary who was also living at the time. And we also got to witness an emotional family dinner, the first since Sam was a little baby.

And of course, fans wanted the time travel situation to be permanent. Nothing beats a ripped apart family, reunited after years in a happy ending forever. But Josh Winchester ultimately had to bid his goodbyes and go back to where he belonged in the past, before time travel messed up the events of Josh’s past. The object that brought him back was destroyed, and Josh returned to his 2003 life.

Morgan addressed the episode has previously and expressed hope that his character returns in Supernatural’s last and final season.

Speaking to entertainment weekly, the actor said, ”Hopefully they’ll leave it in a place where John could come back again. My dream would be to come back and do something in the last year, the last episode, the last couple of episodes, whatever, and do a proper little arc.” The Walking Dead actor wants to end his time on this show with a big finish, probably because the two-day shoot he did for the episode Lebanon, left him wanting more.

”Maybe [Lebanon] won’t be the end of John,” he said back in January.  “It’s Supernatural, anything can happen.”

Has Josh Winchester Already Made His Mark On The Show For The Last Time?

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While Morgan seems willing to return, Ross-Leming has other ideas, “He had a fairly wonderful exit from the universe in his last appearance,” the writer-producer said.

“I mean, I think it would be really hard to top that episode in terms of the family continuity and emotions,” he added. “And I think he sort of made his mark the last season, myself.”

Maybe Josh Winchester already said his goodbye. But to be fair, it was a beautiful one.

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