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‘The kitchen’ is here, read to find out how is it doing, why so horror?


Are you a fan of comics or books which turn into movies than this may be a good piece for you. The kitchen is a crime drama film adaptation of the comic book by Ollie Masters and Ming Doyle. The movie version is directed and written by Andrea Berloff, and for a fun fact, it’s her debut as a director. ‘The Kitchen’ released on 9th August 2019 by Warner Bros Pictures. The movie consists of some notable actors like Melissa Cathy, Tiffany Haddish, Elisabeth Moss as leads.

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The cast and idea on the storyline

The cast is as follows-
• Melissa McCarthy as Kathy Brennan
• Tiffany Haddish as Ruby O’ Caroll
• Elisabeth Miss as Claire Walsh
• Domhnall Gleeson as Gabriel O’Malley
• Bill Camp as Alfonso
• Margo Martindale as Helen
• And many more
The story starts with three people who are in the Irish mob, and each is married but one, unfortunately, day all of them are caught and sent behind bars by FBI agents, and this is where the story takes turns. After some small incidents here and there the three leads, Kathy, Ruby, and Claire take matters into their hands, helping the neighborhood with dealing with every obstacle coming in their way. There are significant losses, major wins full of drama.

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Image courtesy: Guardian

‘Expectations hurt’ this phase fits perfectly in the situation, despite every effort with excellent cast and story the movie has gathered mass negative reviews from the critics as well as the fans. The reason behind such upsetting thing as by them is the projection of the story, and some are saying it’s too stretching while others are frowning on the storyline. But no could deny that the characters have done everything within there area possible, but not to rush as the movie has just released, let’s wait some more days maybe some good reviews are on the way!

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