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Tom Holland Wishing Chris Hemsworth a Happy Birthday is the cutest thing you’ll see on the internet!

4 months ago

Chris Hemsworth, today turned 36 years old, and the beloved Australian actor has been receiving birthday wishes from the fans all around the globe and even his number of co-stars. But, Tom Holland Instagram birthday wish is the best thing you will find on the Internet today. The throwback post is surreal, also drawing the respect and praise, young actor like Holland feels for veteran 36 years old.

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland previously teamed up for 2015 adventure movie, Heart of the Sea before donning the iconic roles of God of Thunder, Thor, and friendly neighborhood superhero, Spider-Man respectively. Throwing back to the memories of their time back in 2015, Holland posted a photograph from that time on his Instagram account with the birthday wish caption: “Happy birthday you absolute legend. #heartofthesea #skinnydays”

These two talented actors have shaped themselves to be an iconic Marvel Cinematic Universe character. But, actually, these guys have never crossed their path in the two blockbuster movies where they shared the screen together, Infinity War and Endgame. Well, these both guys played for the good side, even for the same team. Despite there is no sign of relationship of these remarkable actors in the most significant film, they have good bond off-screen and have respect for each other, that is what matters the most.

Chris Hemsworth aka The Mighty Thor will appear in upcoming announced MCU’s Phase Four film, Thor: Love and Thunder. While there’s no official talk about the wall-crawler to feature in MCU movie anytime soon but chances are pretty high after Spider-Man: Far From Home crossed the billion-dollar mark at the box office.

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