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Tom Welling to Return as Superman in ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’?


The rumor mill has it that Tom Welling could possibly be returning to reprise his role as Spiderman for the Arrowverse crossover. However, the Smallville actor has not been confirmed for ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths.’

The 42-year-old remains the fan-favorite and fans are desperately hoping for his return.

They express this by already imagining the actor in the role of the Last Son of Krypton. A new post from barret.digital on Instagram shows exactly what Tom Welling would look like as the Kingdom Come Superman.

The post below shows the reimagining:


In an interview at the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), Arrow‘s Stephen Amell also admitted to rooting for Welling. “I would want Tom Welling. I want what the fans want,” he said.

The network channel CW has already announced Crisis on Infinite Earths will be featuring more than one Superman actor. Tyler Hoechlin and Brandon Routh have already been confirmed for returns by the network.

Tom Welling gained fame for his role in Smallville. Tom Welling portrayed young Clark Kent in the run before Superman on The CW’s Smallville for ten years. Unfortunately, in all those ten years, the audience never got to see Welling suit up as Superman. After eight long years maybe that dream would finally come true on the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.

Image result for 'crisis on infinite earths'The DC crossover, written by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, Kingdom Come is set in the year 2020. It will follow an older Superman against a new generation of reckless vigilantes as he tries to get them to change their ways.

This crossover has been on the books for forever, having been teased in the first very episode of Grant Gustin’s The Flash. There was a newspaper headline dated 2021 which read that Barry Allen had disappeared during a “crisis.” However, the season finale of Season 5 sped up the whole spectacle. Now, the newspaper headline read the year of 2019 instead of the previous 2024.

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