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Tommy Lee tweets against Liberals, and said we’re going to suffer after Trump


Tommy Lee or Thomas Lee Bass is a well-known musician, songwriter, and drummer. He took his first breath in October 1962 at Athens, Greece. His parents David Lee Thomas Bass was the US Army sergeant and Vassilikki “Voula” Papadimitriou who was the Miss Greece contestant for the 1960 Miss world event. The home town of the musician in Los Angeles, California, US.

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Tommy tied the first holy knot in the year 1984 with Elaine Starchuk but could not lead the relationship and eradicated in 1985. Then he married the actress Heather Lockler in the year 1986 and split in 1993. And after this, he met Pamela Anderson, before meeting her Tommy was engaged to model Bobbie Brown and only after four days of the meeting he married to Pamela. The couple had two children together (Brad Thomas on 5 June 1996 and Dylan Jagger on 29 December 1997) but after they divorced in the year 1998. Tommy is again married in 2019 with Brittany Furlan.

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Lee and Anderson during their vocation had videotaped their sexual activities, but the video was stolen in 1995 and released on the internet and become a prime example of viral pornography.

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Lee got his first drum when he only four years old. His first successful band ‘Suit 19’ played the sunset strip in Los Angeles during the late 1970s. He is the founding member of Motley Crue.


Now, recently he reposted  “copypasta” that goes after president Trump supporters, saying they better hope “Liberal never gain control of (white house) again. He first posted this on Reddit on July 15, 2018, and warned that liberals would “pay you back so f**king hard for all this shit.” The playback includes “Planned parenthood on Every damn corner.”

The musician mentions Chick fil A and warns liberals, “buying all those and giving them to any LGBTQ person your sick cult leaders tortured with conversion therapy. Have fun with the new menu you bigoted f**ks” he gave warning “gather up all of your guns, melt them down and them into a gargantuan meal mountain emblazoned with the face of Hilary Clinton.”

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