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Kid Rock Who Accused Taylor Swift On Twitter Has An Enormous Amount Of Wealth Since Childhood…


Another chaos has begun on social media when this Friday, country rapper Kid Rock slut-shamed Taylor Swift on Twitter.

Swift’s comment on Trump…

The whole fiasco began when Taylor, who appears on Vogue’s September issue cover, talked in an interview about her political inclination. She told the interviewer that she had withheld a political endorsement in 2016 due to then Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Swift told that Trump had weaponized the idea of the celebrity endorsement at that time.  She sais that he was going around saying that he’s a man of the people, he’s for us and cares about us. Swift further said that she just knew that she wasn’t going to help.

And apparently, the 29-year-old singer’s this comment didn’t sit well with country rapper and singer Robert James Ritchie aka Kid Rock. He’s a fan of Trump and has always shown his admiration for the US president. The rapper took to Twitter to criticize Swift. But his sexist tweet angered many. In his tweet, Kid Rock slut-shamed Swift even questioning her success.

Rock’s tweet…

The tweet read- Taylor Swift wants to be a Democrat because she wants to be in movies…. period. He went on to say that she had slept her way into what she’s today.

His tweet has sparked rage among many.

He’s actually the “Ritchie Rich”…

Rock has always talked about himself as being a country guy who does all the normal kind of stuff. But don’t think that the rapper is anything but normal. The Ritchie in his name is not just for show. Rock is actually the son of millionaire William Bill Ritchie who owned several lucrative car dealerships and Susan Ritchie.

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According to a real estate article, Rock’s ancestral property was worth $1.295 million. The house covered 5628 square feet of an area. His father also owned a second home in Jupiter Island, Florida. So, we can say that the humble rapper was way more than well off in his days.

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