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Roman Reign defends the Super Showdown match between Goldberg and The Underaker


Roman Reigns was on cloud nine when The Phenom aka The Undertaker, rescued him from the clutches of his opponents. He also gave him the title of the “Ultimate dream Partner”. In one of the episodes of “Monday Night Raw” Reign got some major help from Undertaker when the deadly duo Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre attacked him. The match became immensely popular as it saw the return of “The Undertaker”. The match also saw the re-teaming of the dynamic duo Reigns and Undertaker as a team after “Extreme Rules 2019”.

In a recent interview to ESPN, Reign defended the Super Showdown debacle between the two legends, Goldberg and Undertaker. He described it as an unfortunate event. He further added that due to heat and high temperature in Saudi Arabia, the situation became all the tougher. The legends are out of the rings for long now, and this sudden venture would adversely affect.

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WWE bought back Goldberg for a high voltage match that the fans have been dreaming for many decades now. During the times of “Monday Night Wars” Undertaker and Goldberg were undisputed kings of their own sphere. Even after shifting of power from WCW to WWE, Goldberg was one of the few stars who did not go to new WWE. Better late than never, WWE with enhanced brand value, managed to buy Goldberg after two years. In his very short span with WWE, he did not manage to take down Undertaker. Thus this game generally caught all the eyeballs as two kings were made to fight each other after decades.

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The match between the two legends finally took place in the Super ShowDown. It did create a stir but for all wrong reasons. Fans and critics slammed the company for risking the lives of these two legends, at this stage of their lives. But despite the bashing many WWE stars came up in support of the “Big Match.”

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